Press releases are either interesting or ho-hum (thus fit for the trash bin). Elaborate Communications‘ recent announcement about securing a new client would seem to fall under the latter category. But the brief news release from the UK public relations outfit is not lacking in interest. The client referred to is Sea Marshals, which provides armed and unarmed security teams in pirate-infested areas. Could this be a sign that maritime PR is finally gaining the recognition it deserves?

Maybe not, but maritime security firms could certainly make use of some professional PR help. The marsec industry is growing but how do you distinguish the professional players from the unqualified and uncrupulous ones? Thomas Jakobsson, Sea Marshals chief of operations, suggested the answer when he explained why they hired Elaborate Communications: “The maritime security sector is developing fast and we are keen to ensure the wider shipping industry is aware of our range of high-quality services.”

Elaborate Communications have their job cut out for them. Headquartered in Cardiff, UK, Sea Marshals Ltd is fully licensed in Djibouti, Sri Lanka, Oman and South Africa for the use of military grade weapons and embarkation and disembarkation of security teams. Team members are ex Navy and Special forces, mostly British, and have the requisite certificates – from STCW and SSO (Ship Security Officer) to yellow fever cards, weapons training and CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) clearance.

It’s a good catch for Elaborate Communications, whose clientele includes such big names as Braemar Shipping Services, Videotel, Maritime Authority of Jamaica and Aboitiz Jebsens. How many more will get on board remains to be seen.  A lot of industry players still believe that the less they’re heard and seen, the better for business. Given the growing power of social media and increased market competition, that notion is clearly outdated. ~Barista Uno

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