Shell fantasy: Six camera and mind compositions

by | Mar 10, 2021 | Nature and the Environment, Photography

As any avid shell collector knows, seashells are the hard exoskeletons (external coverngs) of marine molluscs which serve both as their home and their armour. They are the remnants of creatures that have long passed away. As a photographer, my aim in this set of pictures was to try to give seashells a new kind of life and vitality. These are actual photographs, not manipulated digital images. I hope you enjoy viewing each one.

“After all, the true seeing is within.”

— George Eliot, ‘Middlemarch’ (1872)

Galactic Seashell © BU 2021 All rights reserved

Shell Fantasy-1 © BU 2021 All rights reserved

Neptune’s Ensemble © BU 2021 All rights reserved

Ocean Jewel © BU 2021 All rights reserved

Levitating Shell © BU 2021 All rights reserved

Behold the Seashell © BU 2021 All rights reserved


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