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Enough of the empty slogans. A meaningful, and certainly more creative, way to pay tribute to those who work at sea is through music and song. The following videos feature some of the best songs on YouTube about old sailors and fishermen — those hardy spirits who cut their teeth on boats and have spent many years at sea. The last song is in Spanish, but the lively tune should delight even non-native speakers.

Old Sailors Never Die
Performed by the Swedish group Jazz Pirates — Lasse Collin (clarinet), Mathias Gustavsson (guitar) and Leif Melldahl (bass)

The Old Man and the Sea
Written and performed by American singer Bertie Higgins in honour of his father, Elbert T. (Jiggs) Higgins

The Old Captain
Performed by BRILLIG of Adelaide, Australia

Old Sailor (Wednesday Nite Live Music Festival)
Performed by the seven-member The Dirty Vice Band of Long Island

The Old Skipper
 Sung and recorded in 1937 by Captain Pearl R. Nye

Viejo Lobo de Mar
Composed and sung by Peruvian singer Ernesto Valverde

~ Barista Uno

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