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The women of Spain have such captivating beauty that the great Joaquín Sorolla featured them in many of his paintings, including his 1889 Los Guitarristas, Costumbres Valencianas (pictured above). They also inspired Spanish Ladies, a traditional British naval song which is said to pre-date the shanties of 19th-century English merchant sailors. Of the many versions of Spanish Ladies, three have caught my ear. I hope each one of these will delight others who love nautical songs.

A haunting version by Finnian McGurk, folk singer from Portland, Dorset, UK

Rambunctious performance from Celtic Mayhem (Ty Billings, Martyne Wylde
and Jack Stamates)

A beautiful take on Spanish Ladies by Helena Cinto of Zaragoza, Spain

Want to carry and listen to Spanish Ladies on your smartphone? A charming version by Roger McGuinn in MP3 format is available to download here.

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