Stronger than tea: Marine paintings by six British women

by | Jun 3, 2022 | Maritime Art, Culture and History

I am always pleasantly surprised whenever I come across a marine painting by a woman from the 19th or early 20th century. In those days the world of European art was dominated by men. And only few women, such as Leontine von Littrow, who managed to break into this male enclave had a significant ouput of marine art. This makes such works by female artists even more interesting and important.

None of the British women whose marine paintings are featured here specialised in the genre. But the quality of their work makes one wish that more women from their era had painteed the sea, rivers, lagoons and lakes.

Fisherwomen on the beach, Katwijk, c. 1890
Edith Hume (British, 1843–1906)
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

A Scene on the St. Lawrence near Beauharnois, 1838
Katherine Jane Ellice (British, 1814–1864)
Courtesy of Library and Archives Canada, Government of Canada

The Sea Maidens, 1885–1886
Evelyn De Morgan (British, 1855–1919)
Courtesy of The Athenaeum

Shrimping by the rocks, Le Pulec, Jersey, no date
Sarah Louisa Kilpack (British, 1839–1909)
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Opposite the ‘Campagne Bartaloni’, between 1854 and 1864
Frances Elizabeth Wynne (Welsh, 1836–1907)
Courtesy of the National Library of Wales (via Wikimedia Commons)

Salute, 1908
Clara Montalba (British, 1840–1929)
Photo credit: Royal Watercolour Society
Courtesy of Art UK

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