Sunset from the Battery, New York, 1900
Courtesy of the Library of Congress

Sunsets are a well-worn subject in photography. However, to capture a sunset in black & white can be a real challenge—a test of the photographer’s artistic eye and technical savvy. With this in mind, I am inviting amateur and professional photographers to take part in a special Marine Café Blog feature on the theme ‘Sunset Over Water’. I intend to select the top 10 photos.

Interested in this fun challenge? Please read the following carefully for your guidance.

Guidelines for photographers

1) The photo should depict any body of water at sunset. Titles or captions are desirable but not mandatory.

2) The picture should be in greyscale (black & white), They should have a width of at least 1024 pixels with no text or logo superimposed on the photo. 

3) You may submit a maximum of three (3) photos. Kindly emal them to: or post them as comments to my Facebook posts on the subject.

4) The top photos will be selected according to:

a/ composition

b/ handling of light, tone, texture, etc.

c/ overall impact

5) DEADLINE for submission is 1 pm GMT, 15th of March 2024

Do note that all entries will remain the intellectual property of their respective authors. The photos featured will bear the copyright sign © in the captions, followed by the name of the photographer. .

~ Barista Uno

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