Ten talented photographers celebrate life on the waterfront

by | Feb 3, 2020 | Photography

In mid-January, I issued a call on social media for outstanding waterfront photographs. This was not a contest with prizes for the winners, but a simple celebration of life on the waterfront. A good number of entries came in, all of them meritorous. However, ten pictures stood out because of their composition, content and overall impact. Here they are in no particular order for your enjoyment.

Feeding seagulls, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn © Bonnie K. Aldinger

Under attack, cleaning the catch © Robert McFadden

Repairing the net © Eugene Rutter

Civitavecchia (Rome) © Eleonora Bruscolini

Rovinj (Croatia) © Sandra Hunjek

Jekyll Island, Georgia © Bob Brooks

Vila Nova de Milfontes – Portugal © Maria Giro

Unloading the catch, Whiteway NL © Paul Seymour

Evening at the port © Uta Schuelke

Untitled © Bojan Jakopec

I should like to express my gratitude to the photographers from various countries who took part in the photo search. Blessings and more power to all of you.  

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