Marine Café Blog will be coming out with a special feature spotlighting the best photographs of bridges by its readers. I invite all photographers, amateur of professional, to submit their pictures for inclusion in the gallery. — BU


Guidelines for participants


1. The photo/s should depict a bridge over a body of water (bay, river, canal or stream).

2. All photos should have a minimum width of 1200 pixels. Email them to or post them on Facebook as comments on the announcements.

3. You may submit a maximum of four (4) photos in colour, black & white or sepia. More than one of your photos could be included in the feature gallery. Kindly indicate the name of the bridge and/or its location.

4. Photos will be selected according to the following criteria:

a/ Originality

b/ Composition

c/ Handling of light

d/ Overall impact

5. Deadline for submission of entries is 10th December 2022, 12 PM (GMT)

PLEASE NOTE: All photos selected will remain the property of their authors. They will be designated by the copyyright symbol © followed by the photographer’s name.

Check out the previous gallery of photos from Marine Café Blog readers:

Water reflections: Superb photos by Marine Café readers

~ Barista Uno

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