On the 11th of May, I issued an open invitation to photographers to share their best phictures on the theme The Wonder of Water. Only three people, unfortunately, responded to the call. The good news is that they all sent in excellent photos which I am honoured to publish here. In no particular order with my comments:

Click on the images to magnify them.

The Birds of Oslo
© Debora Magliaro Sanso

In Debora Sanso’s photograph, the water in the Fontaine des Quatre Parties in Paris gushes out as if in a dance, complementing the four female figures dancing around and holding a sphere that represents the four continents. The fountain was dedicated in 1874, but the sculptures seem to have been given new life and vigour by the water.

The Birds of Oslo
© Debora Magliaro Sanso

This dream-like photograph was taken by Debora Sanso on a recent trip to Oslo. It shows a bird hovering above a small pool outside the Oslo Opera House. Says the Paris-based photographer: “(Oslo) is synonymous with birds — they are everywhere and wonderful to watch.” No doubt, she watches with a keen eye.

Loch Morar
© Eugene Rutter

Eugene Rutter has wonderfully captured the serene beauty of Loch Morar in the Scottish Highlands. The mood is sombre, but the photograph has a quiet kind of charm. A closer look will reveal the variegated textures and colours of the landscape.

Day Dawn
© Eugene Rutter

After retiring from sea service, Rutter took up photography but never lost his fascination with water and boats. His eye for colour is evident In this picture of the fishing vessel Day Dawn FR-90 heading out to sea from Fraserburgh, Scotland. The boat looks resplendent in blue and white, but the bluish sea with its swirling white foam is no less delightful to the eye.

Lobster harvester resetting lobster trap
© Paul Seymour

The sea is like sparkling wine in this lovely photograph taken by Paul Seymour of Greens Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada. The boat with a lone fisherman appears stationary, but the white trail it has created on the water conveys a sense of rhythmic movement.

~ Barista Uno

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