‘Everything changes and nothing remains still,’ wrote the Greek philosopher Heraclitus. And so, after 60 years, change has come to Walport following its acquisition by KVH Industries Inc. From 29th January 2014, the UK-based maritime training specialist has been rebranded as TRAININGLink. Its parent, Headland Media, is now known as KVH Media Group. Will the name-change have any impact on Walport and its products?

Time will tell. Frankly speaking, we see no special reason for the rebranding. The move doesn’t appear to be a marketing strategy to reposition or differentiate the old Walport brand. The new owners probably just wanted to tell customers that they have taken over, as the buyer of a house would repaint its walls and roof. Said company sales manager Nick Brown: ‘Although our name has changed, we remain very much the same company.’

Some may not exactly like the new name. That’s to be expected in any product or corporate rebranding. In any case, we foresee TRAININGLink producing the same sort of training films that have earned Walport a good deal of respect – such as the new Bridge Team Management – Pilot Onboard! Many people tend to underestimate the importance of marine pilots. If only for that reason, this DVD is worth a look.

Full ahead, gentlemen! ~Barista Uno


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