A tonne of certificates does not equate to a good maritime trainer. Nor is a Quality Management System any guarantee that a training institution won’t have bad instructors. It all comes down to the individual – his knowledge and experience as much as his personal traits and general outlook in life. Twelve things, in my view, characterise the ideal trainer:

  Loves teaching others, especially the younger generation

  Has ample sea experience (at least 10-15 years in total)

  Has mastery of the subject being taught

  Keeps up to date with marine technology and industry trends

  Has unshakeable integrity

  Can  communicate clearly and effectively

  Is self-confident without being arrogant

  Is authoritative but not dictatorial

  Pays attention to his grooming

  Is patient with students

  Treats students with respect and civility

  Is wise enough to know that he does not know everything

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