As a break from things maritime, I am inviting all and sundry to share their photographs for an upcoming Marine Café Blog coffee special. The best picture on the subject of coffee will be awarded a cash prize of US$100 and featured in the blog along with other finalists.

Why coffee? Aside from the fact that Marine Café Blog takes its inspiration from coffee, the beverage has a historical connection to shipping. Lloyd’s of London had its beginnings in a coffeeshop around 1686. Almost three centuries later, in 1971, Starbucks was founded. The company took the name of the chief mate in Herman Melville’s 1851 novel, ‘Moby-Dick; or, The Whale’. It even uses a nautical logo, a twin-tailed mermaid.

Guidelines for participating photographers

1) The photo should depict the world of coffee — e.g., people drinking coffee, the interior or exterior of coffeehouses, espresso machines and other coffee ware, etc. It can be in colour or black & white/monochrome. Still lifes and so-called street photography are welcome.

2) You may submit a maximum of three pictures with a width of at least 1024 pixels. They should be original photos taken by you. If possible, please provide a caption or title. DEADLINE is on 19th December 2018 at midnight (Manila time). Post your pictures using the form below.

3. Photos will be judged according to originality, creativity, composition and overall impact (visual, emotional, etc.).

4. The winner should be able to receive payment via PayPal or any online payment system. Otherwise, the prize cannot be delivered.

Enjoy clicking!


Gallery of Photo Entries

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