In the dog-eat-dog world of Philippine manning, it’s a delight to see some players looking beyond profits and thinking of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). One such company is Crewcare Inc. On 23rd October, its executives and staff drove to the National Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City south of Manila to join the Prison Ministry headed by Atty Tina Layusa of the Supreme Court in celebration of Prison Awareness Month. Crewcare conducted a medical mission and donated some items to the prisoners’ families. It was a joy-filled morning for everyone.

“We reached out,” said Crewcare President Josephine Roldan, “to the poor and lonely people inside the National Bilibid Prisons, Medium Security, by just making them feel that we care for them too. And seeing old men waiting for their turn to be examined by the doctors and given some medicines and vitamins made our hearts melt.” Owners Representative (Allseas Marine) Ioannis Trifyllis expressed the hope that society would change its attitude toward the inmates: “”Most of the time, people would think of prisoners as nothing more than criminals. They can never be forgiven for what they did.”

Mr Trifyllis sent us some photos, which we reproduce here with the wish that more manning agencies would follow Crewcare’s example. ~Barista Uno

Crewcare folks brought medicines as well as hope to the prisoners

Company president Jo Roldan and Mr Trifyllis (wearing blue caps and shirts)

An old, sickly man gets a medical check-up

Inmates lining up for medicines and vitamin supplements

Giving enriches those who give


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