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Songs of the sea: a quartet of musical gems

Together with nautical art and literature, songs of the sea have been conspicuously neglected by the maritime press. But who would be surprised? The maritime establishment, to which journalists kowtow like worshippers in a temple, cares little for such things. It is a...

A song by Sting, a lesson for sailors, on love

A French Sailor — oil on canvas, 1897, by Norwegian painter Christian Krohg (1852–1925)Photo courtesy of Nasjonalmuseet, NorwayThe maritime Establishment never runs out of tributes to mariners and clichéd words about how hard and dangerous their work is....

The power of the sea, the beauty of poetry

For reasons that are not hard to fathom, the sea has provided the impetus to some of the world’s greatest and best loved poems. It is beautiful. It is daunting. And above all, it is mysterious. Perhaps these same conflicting qualities drove the sailors of old to choose a life at sea notwithstanding all its hardships.