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5 bold maritime wishes in the Year of the Dragon

It’s the Year of the Dragon from 10 February 2024 to 28 January 2024 according to Chinese astrology. Shall we see some major changes in the shipping industry? No, not innovations in technology or marketing, but a shift in the values and outlooks of those who deal with ships and the men and women who man them.

Reflections on the tides of life and the sea

Last November, I was forced to take a leave from writing and other normal activities after I accidentally twisted my left foot. It came like a sudden squall. The shooting pain in my big toe was soon followed by inflammation around the ankle and numbness on the sole of the foot. I wanted to cry out and curse my fate. But then I remembered what Captain MacWhirr, the chief protagonist in Joseph Conrad‘s 1902 novella Typhoon, said to a young seaman…

Great quotes about solitude for today’s maritime world

“All the unhappiness of men,” wrote Blase Pascal, the 17th-century French philosopher, “arises from one single fact, that they cannot stay quietly in their own chamber.” The statement rings true especially in today’s hyperconnected world. Many people hate to be alone. They feel a constant need to be in the company of others, even if only virtually through their smartphones and social media.

When the sea and consumer culture intersect

Even in inland cities, the sea is never really far away. It can pop up anywhere in the shape of merchandise whose logos or brand marks have a connection to the sea. Such reminders of the maritime world are usually ignored by people, but I take notice of them. They are a form of art, and they indicate the extent to which the sea has become part of the consumer culture and social history.

12 quotes about fathers for mariners and other folks

Men never get to experience childbirth, which is painful and can be dangerous for women. This does not make fatherhood any less challenging than motherhood. By their words and deeds and by the values they hold, fathers exert a great deal of influence on their children. When that influence is positive, fatherhood becomes a proud calling and a badge of honour.

14 great tips for maritime expats in Metro Manila

Several things make Manila and the adjoining cities in the metropolis a congenial place for expats. A friendly people who understand and speak English…beautiful women…great variety of food and entertainment…a relatively safe environment. However, Filipinos have certain quirks. Understanding them and their culture can make life more pleasant for the expat.

A badass song for today’s shipping world

I recently watched the Netflix TV series ‘Inside Man‘. The theme song,‘God’s Gonna Cut You Down’ by American singer John Grant, immediately caught my ear. Somehow it reminded me of certain players in the shipping world, particularly those who contribute in one way or another to the suffering of seafarers and other people.

Timeless quotes about charity for today’s shipping world

Charity is a great thing. It uplifts the human spirit and acts as an antidote to greed. Unfortunately, charity in the shipping world has descended to the level of propaganda, corporate almsgiving and media spectacle. The maritime charities drum up a particular issue (e.g., depression at sea), and large corporations, their conscience pricked, donate money to the cause. The whole cycle is attended by publicity.

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